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Cintra plays a leading role in transport infrastructure development throughout the world, with nearly 1,300 miles of managed highways worldwide. This represents a total global investment in traffic congestion improvements of more than US$28.7 billion. Cintra has a portfolio of 25 concessions in six countries distributed among Canada, United States, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece, and offices in Colombia and Australia. At the close of 2012, 57% of its turnover and 60% of its EBITDA came from projects outside Spain. Cintra’s staff is formed by more than 2,000 professionals, of which around 80% work outside Spain. The Cintra-Ferrovial merger in 2009 created one of the World’s largest private operators of transportation infrastructure and a leading services provider with net revenues of more than $7.5 billion a year and operations in more than 25 countries. Ferrovial’s business model is focused on end-to-end infrastructure management, design, construction, financing operation and maintenance, as well as services.

Ricardo Bosch, Director North America Business Development, rbosch@cintra.usor
Carlos Ugarte, Corporate Development and Business Direction +34 91 418 5606