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Major Projects Database

Subscribers can gain access to the database Here.

Others can get access today by ordering a subscription to PWF by:

  • emailing, or calling (908) 654-6572 to arrange payment,
  • sending us a subscription form with your payment information.

We will email/call promptly to give you your user name and password.

To access the project reports, go to >> P3 Database >> type in password >>abcd123 (template)

You don’t need a sign-in.

Safari won’t work. Explorer, Firefox etc. are fine.

PWF’s Major Projects Database provides real-time information on teaming, bidding and financing of most types of Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects in North America, South America and Europe, and design-build only transportation projects in the U.S. The data is outputted as all project reports that match a specifed search. Individual reports can be printed but not exported to an excel file.

Click here to see a  Sample Project Report

The database reflects almost 20 years of work by PWF to collect project details from the largest P3 developers in the world. The database is cumulative. We update and correct project reports weekly. Notices of new projects in planning or procurement are posted regularly, based on PWF news reports and web searches.

Search criteria can include:

Year of financial close

Contract type: DB, DBF, DBOM, DBFM, DBFOM, Concession, Lease

Status: planned, or under construction/operation

Names of developer team members

Names of DB contractor team members

Advisors to public sponsor/developer/or bankers

Financing details

To start, spend a few minutes with “Search Help” and then click around to learn when to use “and” or “or” on your searches. You can do no harm. Name and save searches once you get them right. If you get lost, go to “start over.”

Try going to “Project Name” and type in the name of any U.S. state. You’ll see 25 years of history with P3s (by type of work, by name of builders or developers, by legal advisors, or engineering consultants, etc).

Finally, for each search, at the top of the screen, you will see a summary of the total number of projects in your search; the number in that category that have reached financial close; and the approximate value of both the closed and planned projects in that category, in nominal dollars.

You can click on the name of an individual project from your search result and use your browser to print out what you see on the screen. Or, you can print reports on all of the projects in your search by choosing “Printer Friendly” at the top left of your screen. Either print the report or save it as a pdf that you can distribute internally. In both cases, you’ll see the details of individual projects in a standardized format that organizes the information clearly.

Most searches will take 1-2 seconds. Searching all 3,850 projects worth US$1.8 trillion will take about 5 seconds.


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