PWF, published since 1988
Public Works Financing newsletter (PWF) is a monthly periodical dedicated to covering the Public-Private Partnerships (P3) industry in North America. The newsletter was founded in 1988 by William G. Reinhardt, who published it continuously for more than thirty years until his retirement in 2019.

In 2020 the publication re-launched to continue its legacy of timely news, detailed analysis and dedicated coverage of the US P3 industry. At PWF we’re still dedicated to fixing the infrastructure behind American infrastructure.


In the Latest Edition (October 2022)

  • Democracy, Democrats and Development
  • Predevelopment Partner Selected for Potrero Bus Yard P3
  • Maryland OP Lanes Hit with NEPA Lawsuit
  • Poole: The Return of Revenue-Risk Transportation P3s
  • Progress then Chaos for Hawaii NASED Stadium P3
  • On the Biden Admin’s Accelerating Infrastructure Plan
  • Reeves: Analyzing the Link Between Corruption and PPPs in Infrastructure Projects: An Empirical Assessment in Developing Countries
  • Canadian Infrastructure: CUPE has a Plan for the Canada Infrastructure Bank

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