Abertis Wins 720-km Sâo Paulo Toll Road

Spain’s Abertis de Infraestructuras and Canadian Brookfield, bidding through their local Brazilian affiliate Arteris, won the 30-year DBFOM concession for Rodovias dos Calçados, a 720-km-long toll highway corridor that crosses Sâo Paulo state lengthwise from Itaporanga to Franca. The highway will serve 1.6 million people residing in busy industrial municipalities.
According to Artesp, the Sâo Paulo state transport regulatory agency, the road will generate some US$7 billion from tolling over its 30-year concession period. Speaking after the win, Brookfield CEO Sam Pollock was reported saying that estimated returns from the road will be within target range “at the high end of the 12% to 15% threshold” of the business. Abertis owns 51% of Arteris and Brookfield owns 49%.


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