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Cintra is the leading private-sector transportation infrastructure company in the world, with experience spanning nearly 50 years of innovative highway development on four continents. Today, its portfolio includes more than 1,200 miles of managed highways globally, representing a total global investment in roadway improvements of over $23.5 billion. Cintra’s parent company, Ferrovial is recognized as one of the world’s largest private operators of transportation infrastructure and a leading services provider. It generates net revenues of $10.7 billion a year, has operations in more than 15 countries and assets totaling approximately $27.6 billion. Ferrovial’s business model is focused on end-to-end infrastructure management, design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance. With this aim, the company is active in complementary sectors, such as airport and toll road construction and operation, as well as services.

Contact: Ricardo Bosch, Director North America Business Development,, or
Carlos Ugarte, Corporate Development and Business Direction +34 91 418 5606

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