Coming Disruptive Technology and Mobility Change: a New Landscape for Tolling and Project Finance—by Ed Regan CDM Smith

Just about everyone involved in transportation has probably heard about the “disruptive technology change” coming to transport in the future. We can expect connected vehicles, a movement away from internal combustion engines, integration of “big data”, big growth in shared mobility, truck platooning and, of course, driverless vehicles. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with developments, and figure out where it all leads.

There is lots of uncertainty about what will change and when, but there is one thing that seems certain: mobility in the future, especially in urban areas, will be a lot different than today. We don’t really know exactly how it will change, and we are unsure of when, but there is a general consensus that almost everything will be different. We accept that change is coming, but since the big changes are still 20-25 years off, we can worry about it later.


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