Diversity: Minority Contractors Want P3 Toll Regulation, Community Benefit Agreements

Writing in the March 19, 2018 edition of ENR, Wendell R. Stemley argues that P3 developers should be required to sign Community Benefits Agreements to mitigate community impacts and to provide specific amenities when they build public projects.

To accomplish that, Stemley, the President of the Minority Contractors Asssociation, wants a federal standard for domestic and international work. Noting that minorities pay gas taxes, Stemley also wants the federal government to determine “fair levels of tolls” on P3 projects and to determine “precisely when the P3 return on investments will be satisfied.”

Stemley calls for states to ensure contracting opportunities for minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses on P3 projects. He notes that 23 states did not meet federal DBE goals in 2017.


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