Maryland Is Open For Business

The prospect of the Purple Line transit procurement crashing in Maryland has many of the largest P3 developers in the world quaking in their boots. Newly elected Gov. Larry Hogan has taken an anti-transit line and says he will decide after his inauguration on Jan. 21 whether or not to kill or complete the Purple Line procurement that was started in April 2013.

The four shortlisted finalists have spent heavily to win one of the largest—$2.45 billion—and the most important P3 project in the U.S. pipeline. Now, they have to choose whether to invest many millions more on their DBFOM bids in order to put financial offers on the table. If at all, that probably will occur sometime in February, soon after Republican Hogan takes office in a state that has been under solid Democratic control for eight years.

We advise: “Have faith.” Here’s why:


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