Massey Bridge P3 In Trouble

The outlook for the Cdn$3.5-billion Massey Bridge P3 project in Vancouver has become uncertain with the political turmoil in British Columbia. The governing Liberal Party, which backs the project, will probably be replaced by the New Democratic Party (NDP), backed by the Green Party, after the legislature resumes.
The bridge project is not well supported politically in Vancouver. Only one local mayor backs it, with all the others saying there are higher transit priorities. Both the NDP and Greens have said they would work with the Vancouver mayor’s council.
But the politics are not completely clear. The Liberals won 43 seats in the May 9 election to 41 for the NDP and three for the Greens. The latter two parties announced an accord May 30 that will see the Greens back the NDP in confidence votes in the legislature, but leave the Greens free to criticize the NDP. Liberal Leader Christy Clark said she will try and remain as premier but once defeated in the legislature – which all parties expect – the NDP would usually have a chance to form a government.
Meanwhile, there has been talk that one of the three consortiums shortlisted for the project has lost a key member, but neither government nor industry sources would comment.


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