Bob Poole, PWF Columns

Robert W. Poole, Jr., Reason Foundation

“The Quest for Sustainable Highway Funding” (3/13)

“Fix-It-First Policy Is Wrong” (2/13)

“Use Virginia to Pilot VMT” (1/13)

“Toll Concessions as a Paradigm Change” (12/12)

 “Is 21st-Century Toll Collection Cost Competitive with Fuel Taxes?” (11/12)

“Building the Case for 21st-Century Tolling” (10/12)

“How Not to Rebuild an Interstate with Toll Finance” (9/12)

“Mileage-Based User Fees or Vehicle Mile Tax?” (7/12)

“MAP-21 Transportation Bill Boosts P3s” (6/12)

“Managed Arterials: Adapting the Managed Lanes Idea to Urban Roadways” (5/12)

“The Risk of Politics In U.S. P3s” (4/12)

“Time to Defend Transportation PPPs” (3/12)

“A Different Kind of Reauthorization (2/12)

“Reconstructing the Interstates” (1/12)

“Benefits of Revenue-Risk Concessions” (12/11)

“The Limitations of Availability-Payment Concessions” (11/11))

“Crossroads for the Highway Trust Fund” (9/11)

“The Problem with Fix-It-First” (6/11)

“Adjusting to the New Age of Austerity” (4/11)

“Time to Defend HOT Lanes” (3/11)

“A National Freight Policy” (9/10)

“U.S. Highways Are at a Turning Point” (7-8/10)

“Performance-Based Transportation Policy” (4/10)

“The National Infrastructure Bank, Revisited” (1/10)

“Let’s Take Time to Debate Federal Reauthorization” (11/09)

“Lessons from the Texas Debacle” (7-8/09)

“The Coming War On Mobility” (3/09)

“The High-Speed Rail Fantasy” (4/09)

“Time To Consider Tolling the Interstates” (1/09)