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Major Projects Database

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Getting Started

The PWF project database was recently migrated under a new user interface. Subscribers can access with their subscription email and password.

Troubleshooting: If you can’t access the database at work, but you are able to connect to our server on your laptop, reach out at


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Project Reports

PWF’s Major Projects Database provides project-specific information on teaming, bidding and project financing of most types of P3 civil works and buildings projects owned by government (not power, for example). We include project reports on design-build transportation projects in the U.S. only. We also provide basic information on long-term contracts for O&M, DBOM and DBFOM projects in the U.S. municipal water/wastewater markets. Our coverage is comprehensive in North America, less so in South America, Europe and Asia.

The database reflects 20 years of work by PWF to collect and fact-check P3 project information collected from a variety of sources. We survey the largest P3 developers in the world every October to gather information for our annual ranking of the World’s Top P3 Transportation Developers. We supplement that with information reported by PWF editors, searches of company/project web sites, and direct requests to project sponsors.

The database is cumulative. Notices of new projects in planning or procurement are posted regularly. Details of individual projects are reported in a standardized format that organizes the information clearly.

 To start, spend a few minutes with “Search Help” and then click around to learn when to use “and” or “or” in your searches. You can do no harm. Start with one search criteria and keep adding more until you’ve built your search. Name and save your searches once you get them right. If you get lost, go to “start over.”

Search criteria include:

• Year of financial close
• Contract type: DB, DBF, DBOM, DBFM, DBFOM, Concession, Lease
• Status: planned, or under construction/operation
• Names of developer team members
• Names of DB contractor team members
• Advisors to public sponsor/developer/or bankers
• Financing/financier details

The data cannot be exported to an excel file. That functionality will be added soon.

Most searches will take 1-2 seconds. Searching all 3,850 projects will take about 5 seconds.