Research Roundtable: Where Are We Going?

Public Works Financing: “We believe that the market will keep growing consistently in those states with previous experience in PPPs such as Florida, Texas, Virginia, Colorado and California. In addition, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Nevada, Alaska, New York, and New Jersey, among others, are starting to move forward with PPP projects, and we expect that other states will follow soon afterwards. There are some important PPP projects reaching construction completion that will be entering into the operation phase within the next 2 years. Once that occurs, we believe that other states that have been more skeptical with this model will start embracing it and incorporating PPP formulas into their infrastructure planning programs.” — ACS Infrastructure Development Inc. (PWF 10/12 p. 4).

Proposition: The P3 market five years from now will look much different from today’s, and that raises important public policy issues that will require substantial input from the P3 research community.

Discussion leader Tyler Duvall, McKinsey & Co.

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