PWF Reprints

PWF Reprints


1 U.S.-Canada Transportation P3 Scorecard (7/13)
2 Top U.S. P3 Market Players (10/13)
3 P3 Leverage Data for U.S. Transportation Projects (10/13)
4 U.S. Road, Rail Projects History (10/13)
5 Global P3 Deal Flow 2008-2013 (10/13)
6 Global Developers Ranked by Total Concessions (10/13)
7 Global Developers Ranked by Invested Capital (10/13)
8 World P3 Market by Sector/Country (10/13)


Patrick Foye: P3s Are Hard Work at the Port Authority of NY/NJ — PWF (6/13)

“TIFIA Troubles Threaten P3s” —  PWF (7/13)

“PABs Shortage Looms for Transportation P3s” — PWF (7/13)

“Rep. John Delaney: Repatriated Profits for Infrastructure — PWF (7/13)

“Who Will Fix Caltrans?”— PWF (5/13)

“MAP-21 Ushers in Significant Changes to TIFIA” — Nossaman (7/12)

“Why TIFIA Matters for Transportation” — Nossaman LLP (2/11)

“Why Transit P3s are So Rare” — Mike Schneider, HDR (2/13)

“Water P3s Reach Financial Close: KKR/Bayonne, NJ; Poseidon/Carlsbad, CA, Desal; Ullilco/Rialto, CA” —  PWF (9/12)

Carlsbad, CA, Desal Water Purchase Agreement — Neil Callahan, SAIC  (11/12)

“Cranston, RI, A Pioneer For U.S. Water P3s”  — PWF (1997)

“Social infrastructure P3s: A How-to Guide for Higher Ed”  — PWF (5/12)

“$492-Million Long Beach Courthouse P3” — PWF (12/10)

“Travel Plaza PPPs in Maryland and Connecticut” — PWF (1/12)

“Midtown Tunnel Financial Close Ignites Virginia Toll Politics” — PWF (4/12)

“Tappan Zee Bridge: A Test of Obama’s Deft Hand” — PWF (12/11)

“Overview of States with Significant Transportation Public-Private Partnership Authority” — Nossaman (6/11)

“30‐Year DBFOM for Doyle Drive in San Francisco” —  PWF (1/10)

“Denver Eagle Rail PPP Financed” — PWF (9/10)

“Port of Miami Tunnel Availability Pay, New Ground for PPPs” – Jeffrey A. Parker, Jeffrey A. Parker Associates (11/09)

“Florida I-595 First Availability Pay P3” —  PWF (2/09)

“LBJ Managed Lanes PPP, the Ultimate Greenfield Test” — PWF (6/10)

“North Tarrant Texas Toll Investors Take Traffic Risk”  — PWF (12/09)

“Texas SH 130 Toll Road First PPP in Texas” —  PWF (2/08)

“Public Money Launches I-495 HOT Lanes Concession — PWF (12/07)

“Case Study: 91 Express Lanes Opened” — PWF (12/95)

“Case Study: Virginia’s Dulles Greenway: The First U.S. Private Startup Toll Road Is Financed and Under Construction” — PWF (1/94)