Spain’s Abertis Revenues Peak

Spain’s Abertis de Infraestructuras revenues and EBITDA each grew 5% in 2015 (like-for-like) over the year before, riding a 6.1% increase in traffic in Spain, which shook off a lengthy recession, and an 8.5% surge in traffic in Chile. Revenue in 2015 was Euro 4.378 billion (US$4.772 billion) and Abertis sees that growing to Euro 4.7 billion (US$5.123 billion) in 2016, the result of continuing traffic growth in its European and Latin American assets, except Brazil.

Roads outside Spain generated 70% of total 2015 revenue, of which France was the largest contributor, with 37% of total revenue. Traffic growth in France was 1.8%. Spain was the next largest, contributing 30% of total revenue.


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