Special Report: Women’s Growing Role in P3s, by William G. Reinhardt, editor

(A recent academic paper finds that women globally are not well-represented in the executive suites of the P3 industry—some 83% of the top slots are held by white males (see p. 19). PWF found a different story in North America.)

Belén Marcos, 44, mother of a young girl and boy, and a successful player in the U.S. P3 market for the past 13 years, was named President of Cintra US in October 2016 with management responsibility for $10.2 billion in revenue-risk highway concessions, including most recently I-66 Express in Virginia.

She joins an elite cadre of three female executives whose U.S. P3 project development operations are building or are operating 13 managed lanes projects in four states with an investment value of $19 billion.


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